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Xrocker Gaming Chair Review

X Rocker 5172601 Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Sound Gaming Chair
X-rocker for hardcore gamers just. Reason for is the cool stuff they integrate in their chairs, it is just beyond the level of satisfaction. Frankly speaking, where almost all of the features never actually arrived at use but they simply help you at a perfect gaming experience anytime you employ them. Under 150 bucks, the x-rocker Bluetooth is some thing you can easily lay hands .

This chair may not get you the best with noise because there are two speakers but there is forget about the chaos of audio cables . Bluetooth is enabled from the chair which means you can join your audio device with Bluetooth. The backrest is very ergonomic and comfortable and the sides of this seat contains the signature controller panel of X Rocker, to adjust the volume and bass control as suited . This is a lightweight package which requires minor assembly procedure. You can buy this beast chair at

*All top quality foamy padding.
*Optional RCA Cables contained.
*Equally most useful for listening to music just or watching television.


*Short-circuit issues recorded inside electrical components.
*Fabric cover is significantly more fragile.